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Zara top, Oysho pants (custom-made), Irene Laya heels, Pull&Bear necklace, I bought the ring in Venice

I looked everywhere for a pair of shorts that resembled tap pants and couldn't find any anywhere. Those that I found on web pages were either sold out or were most definitely lingerie. They really have become popular. Then I was in Oysho, looking for something else, and found these by chance. I just added an edging of black lace. I teamed them up with this tee which I knotted, it was a bit long.

News of shoes


 Zara snake pants, Pull&Bear tee, denim waistcoat(gift), Mango wedges and bag, Day a Day hairband
Uno de 50 bracelet, DKNY watch, one of the rings from Camden Market, the other ring was a present from some friends

Some of the sales have started in Madrid and as I had a couple of hours to spare, I thought I'd take a look around the shops. A new shoe shop has opened nearby and as I am shoe crazy I popped in to have a look. They have some nice stuff, but when I stopped to think, about the shoes I already own, there were a few similarities and I want something a bit different. Just then I received a message in my bb telling me that the JC wedges I really want are back in stock. That was it, I had to order them straight away.

Counting the days


H&M dress, Mango belt, Uterqüe wedges, Bimba y Lola bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses, ring and bracelet from a market

I'm not usually in Madrid at the end of June. I usually leave for my house in the south right after exams. This year I've had to stay on for a week or so for a couple of photo shoots and I just cannot get it together with this heat in the city. It's much more bearable in the south, just as hot, but on the beach. Only a few more days though. I can't wait!!! With the temperature outside at around 40º it's difficult to leave the house but today I had a couple of errands to do, so I didn't have a choice.

Day off


H&M hairband and ring, Casio watch, Blanco bracelets

 Zara leather skirt, Topshop jersey top, Uterqüe boots, Mango bag, Bimba y Lola necklace 

Although I've bought some great stuff online, that should be arriving any day now, I came across these shoes, while I was out at lunch with a friend today, and just couldn't resist them. I think I'm pretty set for the summer.
Even though exams are over I still have a week left in Madrid for a couple of photo shoots. Then my holidays will really start. Thanks to everyone who wished me luck in the exams.

Lace and sheer


Lace has been around forever, but many people associate it with wedding dresses, sexy underwear and old ladies. But lace is very trendy for both day and evening wear. It's a beautiful flirty fabric, very feminine, romantic and chic. It looks great worn on its own or combined with other fabrics.
 Alberta Ferreti
 Alberta Ferreti


(Photos from

Sheer is just as great and also very trendy this season. If you're brave enough you can wear a sheer dress over sexy underwear or if you're more modest you can pair it with shorts mini skirts or dresses. Whichever you choose, it looks great.

(Photos from

Lace and sheer I already have in my wardrobe

Lace and sheer that will be in my wardrobe any day now. Can't wait for it to arrive

Welcome summer


 H&M rings, Bimba y Lola golden bracelet, Blanco coloured beads bracelet, Casio watch, Zara clutch

DIY shorts, Zara shirt and belt, H&M sandals, Ray Ban shades

Not much to tell today. Summer's officially here but I'm still working on the last two exams for today and then it's summer for me too!!!
I finally finished these DIY shorts and am quite pleased with them.I've got ideas for some more and after today I'll be able to get to work on them.  

Ice cream Sunday


Pull and Bear dress

Just finished shooting and it was so hot that I  desperately needed an ice cream. Went to pick up my dog "Teddy" and we walked to the ice cream parlour and I bought a great tub of strawberry and banana smoothie ice cream. Delicious!!! Then back home to the books to brush up for tomorrow's exam. 

Nearly finished


Thank God this is the last week-end stuck at home studying. Just three more exams to go...  and finished!!! I was getting so uptight with one of the subjects I decided to go up to the roof with some notes to sit in the sun for a while... and see if I could clear my head. It sort of worked, looking out over Madrid. Can't wait for Wednesday!!

Young designers part 2


 Eva Maldonado 
 Tania Barroso Asenjo
Érase una vez
 Itziar Aristrain
 Arantxa García Aldea
 AD Maride
 Belén Jimenez Mas-Guindal
Irene de Elvira
Liseo ChalÁn  
 Alex Iniesta
 Proyecto Arce
Sofía Roberto
Vistiendo a Alexandra
 Laura Sainz de Aja
Yulia Mikolaiv

Here is a collection of the clothes from the young designers fashion show in the "Matadero" in Madrid.
There were some really nice designs, I'm sure these designers have a great future ahead of them. Some of the stuff I wore and a couple of other items I already have my eye on.
(Sorry if the photos aren't great quality but they're all I could get hold of so quickly)  

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