Lace and sheer

Lace has been around forever, but many people associate it with wedding dresses, sexy underwear and old ladies. But lace is very trendy for both day and evening wear. It's a beautiful flirty fabric, very feminine, romantic and chic. It looks great worn on its own or combined with other fabrics.
 Alberta Ferreti
 Alberta Ferreti


(Photos from Begorgeous.com)

Sheer is just as great and also very trendy this season. If you're brave enough you can wear a sheer dress over sexy underwear or if you're more modest you can pair it with shorts mini skirts or dresses. Whichever you choose, it looks great.

(Photos from Fashionising.com)

Lace and sheer I already have in my wardrobe

Lace and sheer that will be in my wardrobe any day now. Can't wait for it to arrive


  1. Oh my god, there is a so nice great black bridesmaid dresses that i never find. It looks so elegant and it must be a tendency will be in the next year.


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