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Young designers part 2


 Eva Maldonado 
 Tania Barroso Asenjo
Érase una vez
 Itziar Aristrain
 Arantxa García Aldea
 AD Maride
 Belén Jimenez Mas-Guindal
Irene de Elvira
Liseo ChalÁn  
 Alex Iniesta
 Proyecto Arce
Sofía Roberto
Vistiendo a Alexandra
 Laura Sainz de Aja
Yulia Mikolaiv

Here is a collection of the clothes from the young designers fashion show in the "Matadero" in Madrid.
There were some really nice designs, I'm sure these designers have a great future ahead of them. Some of the stuff I wore and a couple of other items I already have my eye on.
(Sorry if the photos aren't great quality but they're all I could get hold of so quickly)  

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  1. interesting pics :)


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