Insta diary #36

 Last Friday on the blog / El viernes pasado en el blog
Friday night at the Benefit event / El viernes pasado en el evento de Benefit

 Saturday's OOTD / OOTD sábado
Yummy cup cakes for tea / Buenísimos cup cakes para merendar
Sunset in Seville / Atardecer en Sevilla

 Sunday's post on the blog / Post de domingo en el blog
Sunday morning walk / Paseo de domingo por la mañana
Organizing new winter booties / Organizando nuevas botas de invierno
Comfy with my slip-ons / Cómoda con mis slip-ons

 Sunday's OOTD / OOTD Domingo
Learning how to be a DJ / Aprendiendo ser DJ
Quote for Monday / Quote para el lunes
Monday's OOTD / OOTD lunes

 Monday's post on the blog / Post de lunes en el blog
Hair inspiration / Inspiración de pelo

 Tuesday's post on the blog / Post de martes en el blog
Off to London / Camino a Londres
Hello London / Hola Londres

 Tuesday's OOTD / OOTD martes

Wednesday's post on the blog / Post de miércoles en el blog
Wednesday's OOTD in London / OOTD miércoles en Londres

London Night / Noche de Londres
Thursday's OOTD / OOTD jueves

Thursday's post on the blog / Post de jueves en el blog
Friday's post on the blog / Post de viernes en el blog
New bracelets from Infinitelytf / Nuevas pulseras de Infinitelytf

Happiness in London / Felicidad en Londres

This was my week, including lovely London

Así era mi semana, incluyendo mi querido Londres


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  1. muy chulas tus fotos y llenas de happyness style:)


  2. Beautiful Insta diary! Thank you for the inspiration dear! :)


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  4. seems like you had a great time when im looking at these pics,great times,great photos!

    have an amazing weekend amy!


  5. Que chulas las fotos!!
    un besito y buen sabado!

  6. Me encantan tus fititos guapa!!
    Divina SIEMPRE.
    Besos mil.

  7. Ideal como siempre!!!
    Un beso Amy


  8. Some very great outfits this week and lots of fun travel shots to the underappreciated town of London (at least by Americans :D). In all fairness, London was very cool here in the 60's and 80's so it is due for another turn :) Watch for all sorts of shirts with Big Ben on them! And oh wow that bikini again, dear! It is so pretty and your body is so gorgeous and exciting!!! Enjoying your bikini posts is the only thing I will miss about summer ;) xoxoxo


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