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Holiday Insta diary, week 2


 Back in Tarifa / De vuelta a Tarifa
Sunday's post on the blog / Post de domingo en el blog
Beaching in Tarifa / Playando en Tarifa
Partying in el Tumbao / De fiesta en el Tumbao

 Last week's posts on the blog / Posts de la semana pasada en el blog
Monday's post on the blog / Post de lunes en el blog
More Tarifa / Más Tarifa

Tuesday's post on the blog / Post de martes en el blog
My niece making funny faces / Mi sobri haciendo caritas
Details of Wednesday's post on the blog / Detalles del post de miércoles en el blog

Wednesday's post / Post de miércoles
Relaxing at home with Tedy / Relajando con Tedy
Time for a walk / Momento de paseo
Details of Thursday's post on the blog / Detalles del post de jueves en el blog

And... back in Tarifa, photo shoot / Y... de vuelta a Tarifa, sesión de fotos.

Busy all week having fun!
Happy weekend!

Ocupada toda la semana divertiendome!
Feliz fin de semana!


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  1. That quote about hurt is SO true! Great photos dear! :)

  2. Love that quote on can either let it hurt you or change you for the better.
    Also, your niece is so freaking adorable <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Your holiday looks like an amazing adventure with fabulous vacation style to match. Thanks for your insightful comment…Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Wonderful pictures, the last one is so amazing!!!

  5. Que chulada de fotos!!

    Un besito!

  6. Qué bonitas son las fotos. Te sientan muy bien las vacaciones. Espero que disfrutaras mucho por Tarifa.


  7. <33333 awesome pictures !

  8. Look at all the fun!!! So happy for you dear :) Glad to see that pretty bikini and handsome Tedy. And the last shot seems very full of wonderful promise :) xoxoxo


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