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Instaweek #14


Work out done / terminado el ejercicio para hoy
Saturday night eats / Tapas sabado noche
Saturday's outfit details / Detalles outfit sabado
Saturday night's outfit / Outfit de sábado noche

Girls night out / noche de chicas
Good morning / Buenos dúas
Spring is here / Ha llegado la primavera

Back to Chanel blue / Vuelto al celeste de Chanel
Monday's post on the blog / Post de lunes en el blog
Monday / lunes
Monday's workout done / Ejercicio de lunes hecho

Healthy dinner / Cena saludable
Goodnight Monday / Buenas noches lunes
At the office  /  en la oficina

Twighlight in Seville / Atardecer en Sevilla 
Tuesday's post on the blog  / Post de martes en el blog
Wednesday's post on the blog  /  Post de miercoles en el blog

Wednesday's details  /  Detalles de miercoles
Wednesday's post  /  Post de miercoles
Thursday's post /  Post de jueves
Great work out

 Thursday's details  /  Detalles de jueves
Full of energy  / Llena de energía
Friday's post on the blog  /  Post de viernes en el blog
Summer's coming / Se acerca el verano

 New bracelets from UKtwentyfourseven / Nuevas pulseras de UKtwentyfourseven
Friday's details  /  Detalles de viernes
Friday night / Noche de viernes

Have a great weekend  / Feliz fin de semana

This was my busy week

Esto era mi semana 


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  1. Stylish and inspiring! Beautiful photos :)

  2. Wonderful photos!

  3. Tan guapa y natural como siempre!!!
    Un beso, Amy

  4. Oh these posts always leave me smiling. You look so happy and that makes me glad. My fave is the set of mugging in bed shots. You could do a thousand of those and it would not get old. Such a beauty!!! xoxoxo

  5. Love these cute snaps! Instagram is the best :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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