Interview on Fashion by HE

I want to do a post today about another blog.  Fashion by HE. I came across this blog by chance and thought it was great.  HE is extremely witty and dares to say out loud what others only dare to think.    HE combines these witty posts with posts about trends.  HE says that he has no formal fashion training but he seems to have an eye for fashion.

Surprisingly, I received an e-mail from HE asking if I would do an interview for HottHe of the week.  Of course I agreed and he posted it today. http://www.fashionbyhe.com/2012/03/hotthe-of-weekamy.html.  
Thank you HE, love it!!!

Quiero hacer un post sobre otro blog.  Fashion by HE. Descrubrí este blog por casualidad y pensé que era genial.  HE es muy gracioso y se atreve a decir lo que otros solo se atreven  pensar. HE combina estos posts graciosos con trendy posts. Dice que no tiene ninguna enseñanza formal en el mundo de la moda pero parece que tiene ojo.

Sorprendemente, recibí un mail de HE pidiendome una entrevista para HottHe de la semana.  Claro que accedí y lo ha publicado hoy. http://www.fashionbyhe.com/2012/03/hotthe-of-weekamy.html 
Gracias HE, estoy encantada!!!


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