Opening in white

 Hollister shorts, Zara silk blouse, Mango heels and bag,  necklaces and bracelets from Parfois and a local market.
View from the terrace

Pantalán terrace, housed in the middle of "Puerto Sherry" yacht port, opened the season with a private party and an Ibiza theme.  The guests had to wear white, which would have been better for me in a week or so when I have a bit more tan.  I preferred this outfit to the typical Ibiza style long dress.  The silk blouse is actually ivory rather than white but I think it looked good paired with the white shorts.


  1. I LOVE your shirt!!!
    Kisses from

  2. Que guapaaa! Lo que pasa que yo en verano, con lo calurosa que soy no me puedo poner blusitas así aunque sean frescas...


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