Simply simple

 Top by POE, shorts by Uterqüe

 Boots by Zara

I was rummaging around in my closet and came across these boots from last year that I'd only worn a couple of times. This year I never take them off my feet!!!
I also found a pair of pink pants that were a present, but I wasn't keen on the way the looked on me, so I thought they might look better if I cut them down. And they did!!!! And that was the end of "the cut down pant phase" that I had just gone through. I'd been cutting down old jeans!!!!
The shirt is new.  It's from POE, a new brand of clothes that has some amazing stuff.
Photos by Fernando Mañas, Chictoochic.


  1. No sé como te quedaban los pantalones pero los shorts te quedan genial!! Guapisima!!

  2. amazing!!*__*



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